Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2 Girls 2 Blogs

So you know I have this blog...

I know you know because you are reading it now. I had, in my heyday, a whopping 2.5 readers. That may have very well slipped to zero due to my infrequent posting capacity.

But did you know I have two...

Well I do. And I suspect you don't know because if you could see the itsy bitsy print above you'd see every single post has 0 page views. This is deliberate. And it's disappointing. I still post infrequently, but every time I sign in to add another I know my page views will never change. As I write I know I will be the only one to ever read the post. But that's okay.

There's no intimidation whilst writing however. And no limitations on what is said or what is shared. Pictures have faces in the other blog...besides Parker. The girl, however, is often still the girl.

But here's the funny thing. The girl warns me it must remain private. If we start this blog of ours (not mine) it cannot be public. But... IT WILL NOT BE PUBLIC she says. Inmates and such. I get it. I don't like it but I definitely do get it.

That wasn't the funny part. This is. So I sign on the other blog today and she scootches up next to me excited to see and says, did anyone read it? Anyone? Like whom? She doesn't even read it! I'm not sure she knows how to find it.

The point of the blog, not that you'll ever read it, is to track where we've been. It even comes with this cool funky map! Which I'm sure she also can't find.

So now we are documenting our vacations and maybe soon our excursions here at home. It's a lot to catch up on. And a lot to remember. But the good part is now I can forget. Now it's all right here to remind us when we are old. Just as long as we remember how to sign on and where to find it. I should probably make the girl a cheat sheet. I might even put it in italics for old time sake.

And girl, in case you were wondering we are still holding steady at zero.

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James said...

Make that plus 1!