Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ate Crimes

Leave it to the Bethesdites to have bridge graffiti as controversial as this. Oh the horror! Fruit? Fruit, right? As in apples and oranges? Not the derogatory gay term I presume? You Vegan you.

Those wretched foodlums! Next, the county will introduce a tag tax. You watch. But we must find a way to pay for the fast acting police force, or is it a neighborhood paint force?

The force that jumped to neutralize those hateful red letters on the air rights tunnel. Yes, that's right. Before the paint was dry it was cloaked in a perfectly matched tunnel grey shade covering every inch of this carnivorous profanity.

Faster than a memory card download this suburban art was a distant memory. Like sands through an hourglass. So too was the short lived 2 Girls 2 Blogs. And I am 1 girl with 2 blogs, 3 if you count work. And while my commute is now exactly 42 steps no shoes required, there are still stories to tell. My sole follower perhaps missing a taste of Americana should enjoy the tales of the road that follow.

This, is for you.