Thursday, April 28, 2011

15th Incident

When's the last time you've been downtown?! 15th is striped on the WH side. Two lanes! Doesn't keep peds from walking out in front of you, but it kinda gives me umph to hit 'em if they do.

It's discouraged and posted. Of course it is. Right next to FREEDOM Plaza, which let's be honest, is everything BUT. No bikes, no blades, no boards, no bliss.

But now you can get from the Capitol to the White House on bike lane. Which is Rockable! No complaints here. We've even got bike lights! I'd say this was a damn near perfect date.

Monday, April 25, 2011


It had me for a bit.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

14th Incident

"You don't belong on the sidewalk!"

It's something I don't hear very often...never really. Mostly cuz I'm never on it. But I was today. And Mr. Man was none too happy about it.

He accused me of not announcing my whereabouts, which most certainly was not the case. But his wife was yakking. And he was in lalaMittyland.

I side stepped the police department on Mass Ave escorting the Turkish demonstrators away from the embassy. And I stopped for a photo op with BabyBoo in front of his home embassy.

And that's not even counting the incident on 14th. I was still a bit shaken from that. I heard "Dyke, Suck, Bitch" the rest was indistinguishable. But peripherally I felt the lunge for the street. And instinctively, or protectively maybe, I pulled my shell into my shell and awaited the blow. He went for the biker behind me, but did nothing. And neither did the cops watching the show from U.

So excuse me for invading YOUR sidewalk MadAss. The street was angry today. You were too, but I'll take that chance. Happy Easter. CHRIST.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who is Dawn?

Waiting for paint to dry. That's exactly what I am doing. Since it is raining, I spent a little time watching grass grow, but when it didn't seem to be happening I gave up

Ass Crack of Dawn. That's what she said. What time is that exactly? I thought it might be waay before 7, but apparently I was wrong.

So here I am, up on an 85 foot ladder, by myself, painting the house, in the rain, by myself. Did I already say that? No it's not safe, but it IS necessary.

I am sick of this rain. How's a girl supposed to get anything done? Even if you are up at the Ass Crack of Dawn...which apparently is about 6am. And by the way, who the hell is Dawn?

So anyway, back to the 97 foot ladder....there I was up on the ladder, when it happened. I dropped my brush. Packed with paint. I dropped my brush packed with paint. To the ground. 124 feet below. And you see what happened. It landed just like that. Embedded in the ground. Phew. But it still took a prayer and a jack hammer to get it back out, what with the 145 foot plunge it took.

I should probably go. Parker is getting yelled at and the paint is likely dry enough. Hmm..Jdog just barked at the cat. She's making breakfast, just slightly past the Ass Crack of Dawn. And Jesus already showed up, look at that. He came early and caught my brush. Christ, can we talk about the rain?