Thursday, January 30, 2014

See What Had Happened Was...

Let me paint you a picture of our last time on the Rachel Carson trail. First of all, this is an amazing trail system within walking distance of the house. I would LOVE to ride my bike here, but the sign says I can't. To hell with the sign I say!

Because I also can't walk my dog here, not anymore. I'm done. Y'all win. It's legal alright, but it's a hot spot for unleashed dogs. Despite what the sign says.

So you have my leashed dog, who is also friendly, but sounds mighty scary. In a fight she's gonna get her ass kicked; are you ready to find out if that's true? She will probably intimidate your unleashed dog putting it on notice. Let me remind you mine is leashed, yours is not. She already feels the disadvantage, and she no likey.

And so what's gonna happen is she's gonna be unhappy with the situation. Truth be told, me too. And you're gonna say, "it's okay he's friendly". I'm gonna pull back on my dog and try to keep her calm and yours is gonna go all inmate on her personal space...yeah, you know. Nose to ass, all up in her stuff. She's restrained and you are off forest frolicking while your 'friendly' dog runs up on her. She ain't cool like that.

In fact, that's exactly what happened. First time. You lollygag on, pleading your dog is friendly and I'm like, "well mine is NOT". Then you apologize saying, "he's not wanting to listen today." How lucky for us. And you knew this ahead of time? When you decided to leave him unleashed?

Meanwhile, moving on. We successfully escape and mine pulls part way out her harness. I'm forced to end my call early to deal with the situation you just caused. I bend down, on ice, to attempt to fix the situation. Arms around my pit, face in her face, I hear from behind, "I'm sorry." Without looking I say, "no problem." I think you realize you just ended my call early and put a crinkle in my walk.

Without looking I say this. Without knowing what was about to happen. Without fully understanding what she was apologizing for. Guess who's back? To taunt my barely leashed dog. I'm sorry, didn't you just say he wasn't listening? Didn't you apologize for what you just caused by not having your dog on leash? And didn't I mention my dog is not friendly?

Harness half off. Collar grasped. Then gone. Headlock. Me. Dog. Dog. Growling. I damn near got bit, by my own dog. And you are still behind me, voice starting to sound concerned, doing like, nothing?

Before it was said and done we saw six dogs today. One off leash, documented above. The next one, off leash. "It okay?" No!, not so much. The next two, rambunctious, off leash...owners,, stressed, pissed, and about sick of it. The next two, on leash, for what it's worth. The leashes don't do much good when you let go, just saying.

That last one was HUGE! Owner calling from across the street "he's friendly!" Okay!, but my dog has had just about enough today, not to mention me. This thing looks like her best friend and I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear how they greet each other. And I'm about sick of trying to control the situation when I came prepared with a freaking leash. This about to be on you!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Way too many posts about the pup on facebook and especially my bike blog. How's about we combine the two?!

YeeHa! Not only did we find an activity to enjoy together but we found a decent place to do it. I'm not sure I'll ever be ready for trail jouring. But the C&O will do just fine.

Our second attempt went quite a bit better than the first but it's still cumbersome and stressful. SQUIRREL.

The first time out we came up on a biker who was about to get an earful if he didn't just RIDE ON. We had me, the dog, another dog, the long leash, a 29er. It's a lot to handle. Then the biker passing on the left. The one who just slowed and kept saying "On your RIGHT." Can you just RIDE?!? Seriously dude. I'm facing you, I can see you. The dog sees you. The couple off trail sees you. We ALL effing see you! are on everyone's LEFT.

Perhaps he was nervous. I'm sure it looks scary. Me, holding the dog, it jumping and excited. But did you also notice us stopped, off trail, anxiously waiting for you to PASS? The longer you draw this out the worse it's gonna get. So put your footsies to the pedals and get on them!

Again, for the record you are on our left, your right. Pedal on.